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Christ Sculpture-“I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life”

“Danny has been very effective in listening to us as we have described what we are wanting and then he has been able to actualize our spoken concepts into reality for us. Danny is a professional in every sense of the the word and we have found it extremely easy and enjoyable to work with him. Danny works well within the timeframes we have agreed upon and the quality of his work is exceptional. In each of our interactions with Danny, we become more convinced of Danny’s character, integrity and artistic ability.”

Joel K. Pearsall
Vice President for University Advancement
Northwest Nazarene University

September Challenge

“Danny’s ability to conceptualize, design and bring to fruition his clients vision set him apart from his peers and has gained him a reputation for integrity and diligence in maintaining the clients interests. Unlike most sculptors, Danny’s intimate technical knowledge of the foundry process enables him to create monumental images that are not only foundry friendly thereby having a positive effect on production costs, but also takes in to consideration the structural requirements of the sculpture as well. Danny’s hands-on approach to all facets of his work and his years of experience and attention to detail allow him to truly provide turnkey projects from conception to installation.”

Monte Paddleford
Eagle Bronze, Inc.

Trailin’ Home

“Our experience with Danny was nothing short of amazing. The monument he created from our photos an verbal description is truly remarkable. Danny was able to work with our unartistic minds and unrealistic deadlines in a way that validates him as a professional and a true man of vision. He is also a man of heart; desiring to make sure each piece he created met our expectation and our vision through continual consultation. This workmanship has enriched our community by blending a feeling of culture and history.”

Catherine Daily
Committee Chairman
Hagerman Valley Historical Society

Wind Walker

“I have had the privilege of purchasing three of the “Wind Walker” creations of bronze sculptor Danny Edwards and have always found him to be a consummate professional. On each occasion, Mr. Edwards delivered his artwork in a timely manner and provided advice as to the proper display of the bronze pieces, in order that they might be fully appreciated. His bronzes have been enjoyed by many and truly capture the spirit of “Excellence.”

Charles T. Doyle
Texas First Bank

Stallion Spirit

“Thank you so much for the exquisite sculptures. You truly went above and beyond our expectations. Our sculpture, as you know, you designed from a few ideas I had given to you of what we wanted and the outcome was exactly what we wanted and more. As you know, our company logo is a black stallion and this piece was designed with that in mind. The piece is absolutely beautiful and with tremendous detail even down to the horse hair. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a realistic beautiful piece of art and craftsmanship.”

Laurie Slaughter
Stallion Energy LLC

Harper Art Inc.

To Whom It May Concern,

“I am writing this letter to recommend Danny D. Edwards. I have worked closely with Danny for over ten years and have come to know him as a confident business associate and friend. He is a businessman of the highest degree. I have found him to be completely honest and morally trustworthy.  He is energetic, meticulous, and innovative.  He also has the ability to articulate and communicate well.  He has been a model of excellence in every area of my experience and dealings with him. I would not hesitate to recommend him for any project or responsibility.”

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions.

Yours Sincerely,


Robert Harper

President, Harper Art Inc.

Jack Oyler, Sportsman for Fish and Wildlife

Jack Oyler







To Whom It May Concern:

“I have known Danny & Linda Edwards for about 10 years; I have worked with them on Sportsmen’s Issues, Television shows and Danny’s abilities as an artist, sculpture and business man.
During my experiences with Danny I have found him to be a very devoted person to his family, his religious convictions and people he meets. He is very personable with everyone he deals with and is very trustworthy.

His abilities as an artist, sculptor and business man shows through because of the things Danny has accomplished over the years. He is a pleasure to be around and loves people.

If you have any further questions concerning Danny and our relationship please give me a call.”


Jack Oyler

Idaho State Vice-Chairman

Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife