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Where Eagles Dare

//Where Eagles Dare
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Project Description

Where Eagles Dare-Tri-Metal“Where Eagles Dare”

Life-size Bald Eagle cast in Tri-Metal.  (Bronze, Stainless Steel, and 24k Gold)

It is a limited edition of 29 pieces. This Sculpture is also available in “All Bronze”.  Please call for a quote.

This sculpture may have an approximate shipping time of 8 to 12 weeks, depending on inventory and or the casting schedule at the time the order is placed.  Feel free to call us, personally, for questions about this sculpture.  (208-734-3440)

This bald eagle, our national symbol, is found only in North America.  Eagles mate for life and return to the same nest or “aerie” year after year.  This magnificent raptor has a wing span of seven feet or more and weighs up to ten pounds.  A mature bald eagle sports a beautiful white head and tail feathers and his talons is a deadly vise to his prey.  He has incredible eye sight enabling him to see great distances so that he can swoop down with death defying speed to seize his prey.  His repertoire of powerful wing strokes and daring plunges earthward make him true to his name–“Where Eagles Dare”.

Keen-eyed and intent, this brilliant white headed bird brings a certain kind of emotion to most human viewers.  The freedom he represents with his soaring, wind walking abilities, certainly is appealing to most Americans.

May we find in our own hears that inner strength to soar above circumstances, manipulate around clouded obstacles and have a keen eye to seize opportunity as it comes before us.  May we dare to walk a lifestyle with the majesty and magnificence of the great bald eagle “Where Eagles Dare”.

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