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Livin’ the Dream

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Project Description

“Livin’ the Dream”

Danny’s brand new sculpture, “livin’ the Dream” depicts a modern day cowboy bringing home the trophy antlers of the big bull elk of his dreams. Danny has authentically captured every minute detail of horse and rider, mule and packs, complete with a diamond hitch to secure the packs.  For anyone that has traveled the backcountry on horseback and experienced the sights and sounds of trail travel, this sculpture will surely bring out the emotions and memories of such a time.

This cowboy is bringing out the gear and packs and up ahead on the trail his companions are packing out the meat that will supply nourishment for his family through the long winter months. As is the case with this cowboy, present day hunters are usually dedicated to the preservation of wildlife and their habitat.  They contribute a primary role in the management of all wildlife, therefore insuring that wildlife populations will still be a vital part of the heritage we pass on to the next generations.

“I have had many requests to do a pack string with horse and rider and the pack mule carrying elk antlers. With the encouragement of the gallery, we decided this was the year to make it happen.  I have traveled many a trail on horseback myself and I could easily visualize the sights, sounds, and smells of the beautiful mountain terrain where these majestic animals call home.  I have often seen deer, elk, antelope, and mountain goat in the same trip out.  It is not uncommon to see many other wildlife creatures too that frequent the same habitat such as bear and mountain lion.  What a tremendous gift and blessing to experience these wonderful treasures of the wild.  Here in Idaho where I live, we are blessed with abundant habitat in the wild. You will find in the sculpture, not only the footprints of the horse and mule, but you will find discretely placed, the tracks of a couple other animals that have passed by on this trail.

It is my hope that you will catch just a little of the emotion and that “livin’ the Dream” will encourage you to perhaps endeavor to live your own dream, whatever that might be.  I truly hope this finds you ‘livin’ the Dream’ “.


“livin’ the Dream” is cast in genuine lost wax cast bronze, hand patinaed by Danny in his own unique style, and mounted on a beautiful hand finished walnut base. It is a limited edition of 49 pieces.

Price:  Please contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you.  If you have any questions about the sculpture, or want to visit with us about it, please give us a call.

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