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Davey in the Hole

//Davey in the Hole
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Project Description

“Davey in the Hole”


36″ long x 21″ high

Limited edition 49

Price:  Please contact us.

Davey (David Edward Jackson) was born in 1788 and died in 1837.  In those less than 50 years, Davey Jackson traveled extensively around the west and led quite an interesting life. He spent his early life west of the Shenandoah Mountains, in what was then part of Virginia and is now in West Virginia.  But soon his family moved west to Lewis County, on the Cumberland Plateau. It was then that Jackson began to leave his mark on History.  He was one of those who opened the Oregon Trail having explored many connecting valleys in his life as a trapper.  By 1826 Jackson bought a majority position in the three year old Rocky Mountain Fur Company, and along with several partners, prospered while the fur bearing beavers remained plentiful.


Davey trapped beaver in the area now known as Jackson Hole, Wyoming, originally called Jackson’s Hole.  The name “Hole” derives from language used by early trappers or mountain men, who primarily entered the valley from the north and east and had to descend along relatively steep slopes, giving the feel of “Entering the Hole.”  The valley is thought to have been named after Davey Jackson who trapped beaver in the area in the early nineteenth century as part of the Rocky Mountain Fur company.  Jackson was a partner of Jedediah Smith and William Sublette.  Davey definitely left his mark on History. He was also the uncle of famed Civil War General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. “


In creating this sculpture, I wanted to capture a moment that surely was a part of Davey Jackson’s life.  Although there is not a ton of information about Davey,  his prowess as a mountain man and trapper were well known.  As I thought about the scene in my mind, I could visualize the crisp fall air beginning to turn the aspens into rich vibrant colors.  I could smell the pines and the damp decaying leaves on the forest floor.  I could hear the bull elk bugle in the foothills of the mighty Tetons and I could even imagine the sound of the horse and mule shuffling along the path, Davey had undoubtedly taken many times before.  The smell and feel of the air just after a light rain that waffles the fragrance of sage across your path.  These serene images still flood my mind as I think about that scene.  It is my hope that this sculpture titled “Davey in the Hole,” will bring to life for you a time past or a time present, when the serenity of the great outdoors and God’s creation, will bring peace and comfort to your heart and mind.


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